Friday, 11 January 2013

Red Alert!!!

Oh my goodness...I don't even know if anyone remembers me or even still has my blog in their reading list...if there is anyone out there reading this, apart from being a little embarassed that I abandoned my blog I am extremely grateful for you being here still!!

Anyway...the reason I am here is to tell you I decided to start afresh with a brand new blog which will mainly be devoted to my shop~Fine and Dandy, in which I will share with you the latest news and exciting vintage finds...and maybe even a little prize give away to get things started!
So if you are here then please click the link below and become a follower~I'd love to see you there!!
Wishing everyone one a fantastic year in 2013!!
Shevie (paperdolly)

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

'I just wanna' say I haven't been away,I'm still right here where I always was...',hello remember me,I used to come here quite often for a chat in the good old days... I just thought I'd pop by and see you again,its been too long and I've missed you! As I said I haven't been away I just kind of wandered off mid sentence,you know how it is,I'm all to easily distracted.... I'm back,I'll try not to get lost again,though I may stray from the path occasionally! So having renewed our acquaintance I leave you on a promise of a return to normal service very soon,please say you'll be here......x

Sunday, 20 June 2010

words and pictures.... I go again,laptop perched on my knee (usual tabs open-flikr,facebook,blogger,ebay-sound familiar!),one eye on the TV (we are watching a film 'Employee of the Month' oh,its funny!),cat precariously balanced on my chest,as I try to drink my tea at its optimum temperature! Lunches to be packed,dishes to be washed,uniforms to be ironed,that Sunday night back to school feeling....instead of doing my 'homework',I am tapping at the keys.....avoidance! But now I am here,I find the words don't come as easy as they once did,maybe I am just tired,I can confess to feeling a little overwhelmed just now,but rather than abandon my blog altogether,if its ok I'll just keep my hand in with plenty of pictures and a scattering of words for good measure.Enough said.....
....on with show and tell....

A recent rescue from a pile of modern apparel dumped on the grass at the boot sale,this sweet little tu-tu

For my birthday!Just look what my friend Nikki found for me,its very beautiful and it was carried by a 1920s bride,who also wore this....
....gorgeous sash with an intricate pattern of pearls and sequins,it has little ruched panels to nip it at the side.How I'd love to see her bridal gown,I hope she was a happy bride. I have the sweetest friends....

....I spotted this mirror on a friends blog-Jane and the Happy Crow,it was love at first sight,so she kindly kept it for me and I bought it with my birthday money,its so delightful....
....a cute little cupie orphan from the boot sale,I have promised her a new frock

....a delicate tortoiseshell fan,liberated from my local charity shop.... for these ,they are so precious and my most cherished find at last weeks boot sale,the lady selling them told me they came off an antique doll she was renovating,those pompoms and the diddy hand crocheted socks are so darling! Just 50p,but I carried them away like they were gold dust!

....a finely embroidered lawn baby gown,a birthday present from my mama-freshly laundered and she made a hanger to display it on,using vintage crochet,I'm a lucky girl.
Ok,back to work....its Monday morning already!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Bath time... it was my little friends turn to clean up their act,before Thursday comes around (and it is coming too fast!). These are my very special friends,treasured companions who all reside on the dresser infront of our dining room table,a jolly little motley crew,glorious examples of my passion for vintage plastic! They had become cocooned in fleecy dust jackets and had lost their plastic lustre,but after a bubble bath they are glowing and have had a little shift around,its good for them to mingle and make new friends! What a happy scene to greet sleepy heads at breakfast,how could you not smile! x

Saturday, 12 June 2010

wash day....

....something is afoot this week in our abode,something which means that we need to do a major post Spring clean,....either that or we need a miracle as our poor home has been sorely neglected of late!
If I didn't want to offend your senses I would offer up pictorial evidence to back me up,the little piles of life heaped up in each room,spilling over onto unswept boards and bitty carpets! The abandoned car boot treasures with nowhere to go,shoes cast aside in doorways,surfaces powdered with volcanic dust,boxes,bags,broken toys and as for the ironing!! I have never claimed to be a domestic goddess,but I did once at least try...I feathered my nest most prettily,even if I did sweep crumbs under the mat and fill cupboards full of,well the nest is pretty messy and we are all of a jumble,since mum became a working girl! But today we made a start,much noise has been made as all the appliances whirred and whizzed and we toiled in our labours,without a thought for those vintage housewives who struggled with their carpet sweeper and dolly tub! I think we may have skimmed the surface...but Thursday is just around the corner,and as Thursday could be the start of something special,I for one am still hoping for a miracle and looking for an empty cupboard!!     

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Oh deery me.....

....I think I'm loosing my mind,why else would I buy these first three items without shame or remorse and then be so bold as to parade them in such a brazen fashion! I am having a little dalliance with kitsch,'granny chic',novelties,hideous it what you will.....I know its love,I've been here before-except where once I kept it a secret,this time I'm going public!! Devil-may-care,bold-as-brass-thats me,proud to be seen to be doing my bit for the misunderstood ornaments of this world,so I'm wondering now is this a shop I'm running or some bizarre sanctuary for abandoned china animals!!The newest inmates are surely the grandest yet,I mean golden Bambis-how very ostentatious,but these little dears are so very shy they have been hiding in Fine and Dandys 'kitsch corner' all day-I think they are a little embarrased by their appearance,I persuaded them to let me take a photo to show you all,(please don't laugh)!! So I will keep taking these foresaken creatures under my wing,hopefully re-homing a few along the way,all I ask is that next time you consider buying a china ornament-you remember that 'its for life and not just for kitschness'! As I said I think I am loosing my mind........... 

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

eye candy 3....

....some pictures I took around Fine and Dandy on Sunday. Those glorious tulips are from Mr M's allotment,every bloom has been different and they are giants,like something you would see proudly displayed by Bert in the village hall horticultural show!They have been much admired this week-so Mr M is under orders to plant more bulbs for next year-supply and demand!! Things are ticking along nicely 'int shop-tomorrow we are featured in the 'business section' of our local paper 'The Cornishman',accompanied by a much dreaded photograph-so hopefully more people will find us (though the photo might put them off!)! Today has been Boot day of course and I came away with a loaded trolley but not such a haul as the previous 2 weeks and I have to say some of the little souls I have brought home and bathed are really rather bordering on....oh I don't know...maybe the wrong side of kitsch!!Imagine if you can a gold Bambi planter with attatched can't can you-ok I will take some snaps tomorrow,but I warn you,you'll all want one!!
P.s-loved all your comments on my last post 'worlds end',but having just admitted to purchasing a gold Bambi thermometer I'm not so sure my opinion is warranted!