Sunday, 7 March 2010

roll up,roll up....

....well,things are coming along very nicely at the emporium-much of my week has been spent there in the company of paint tins & some of  the 'lost wooden souls',which have congregated there!I am not usually a hands on type of gal' when it comes to encounters of the DIY kind! We operate on a fairly traditional basis in the paperdolly household when it comes to chores,sorry my feminist sisters but I like a man-who-can,I am happy to forgoe the glory of putting up shelves & hanging pictures-because-well,I simply can't be bothered! I am not adverse though to a little light painting & the little shop is so deserving of her new coat(s)-3 of them!-that I cannot begrudge getting my hands dirty for a change,however I can find no joy amongst the shelves of B&Q & I am SO tired of wearing my 'painting clothes' EVERY day-grrrr! A little light relief came my way on Friday morning the wall paper I ordered was ready to collect from that other well known DIY store-you know it-Cath Kidston.....   
....what?Well it sells wallpaper doesn't it! So me & mama went on an early morning jolly to St Ives to collect 2 rolls of happiness-be patient I will show you the happy in a moment-this is the sneaky photo I took with my spy camera,so that Mr M can whip me up some card racks just like these! We were very controlled & looked only with our eyes-coming away with just the paper & some fabric for mamas lovely creations (available soon!)-oh & a head full of ideas of course! It really was the most glorious of days outside,a day when you can see Cornwall through the eyes of a tourist & wonder at its beauty,then feel blessed indeed that you are part of it & it part of you.....
....St Ives is where my parents met,way back when...ahhh! Back then mama looked like a pretty Beatnik girl,tiny as a bird in her homemade micro-mini skirts,knee socks & clogs-clip clopping along the cobbles,dad was a handsome brooding brute with side burns & a roll-up! Nostalgia for mama & me,St Ives is where I went to secondary school-the branch line along the coast was my daily commute,not that I spent much time looking out of the window back then-too busy giggling or reading my Smash Hits magazine! Soon it will be claimed by the tourists again.... looks better than it tastes I find! Ok its now Sunday morning I have been up since 6.30,thanks to a very enthusiastic 4 year old boy who embraces every morning of every day as only a 4 year old can! I feel a cold coming on,I am trying to pretend it isn't but I feel a little wonky-please forgive my wobbly blog ramblings-what I really wanted to show & tell was what Mr Ms mum got up to yesterday with the rolls of happiness...

.....Isn't she clever,not an easy space to paper with that arch & with the added pressure of using paper from heaven & a perfectionist daughter in law,no pressure then!I stayed away-(afraid I might get my hands dirty!),until I could stay away no longer.....
....oh lovely shop,your new clothes suit you so well-many happy hours will I sit & smile at the loveliness! Thankyou S.x....
....Mr M is headed off to the circus now to do a bit more hands on,so I can continue weilding my paint brush next week-tissue in hand I fear,sneeze...sniff...In the meantime I must climb a mountain of washing & then tackle the tip that was once my home...
P.S-I forgot the most important bit,the shop has a name-'fine & dandy',I hope you approve-If you are a facebooker please feel free to be a fine & dandy fan!x


  1. It's look gorgeous Shevie. Sue is very skilled at the hanging of paper, what a great talent to have. I wonder if she would like to do a corner in my bathroom, I'm afraid I'm useless, although it's true that I have never tried!
    Hope you are taking lots of vitamin C for that oncoming cold xxx

  2. The wallpaper looks fab, can't wait to read the next installment! Love St Ives too... one of my favourite places ever (in the world ever!)

  3. I am planning to get a little camp bed (& a bucket!)so that I can have little sleepovers with my shop-haha!x

  4. I like Fine & Dandy a lot, a perfect name.


  5. Bless you-Bobo,it was hard to find the right one-now it seems perfect,fun & very British!x

  6. Shevie,I can imagine how exciting this adventure is for you.Wish I could pop in and vsit your shop in person shall have to be content with visiting via your blog.
    Wall paper is very cute, alot of self control you exhibited when visiting the DIY store!!

    Great name, did it take you long to come up with it? Tis very British.

    Doing a bit of 'Autumn cleaning' today and found in my kitchen drawer a teatowel from Devon and Cornwall, made me smile. I picked it up at the Op shop last year.

    Lovely story about you how your parents met.
    Can't wait to see what your clever mama is stitching.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery

  7. How wonderful to have a little shop! Exciting times! Love the name you've picked too!
    Rachel x


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