Thursday, 6 May 2010

Oh deery me.....

....I think I'm loosing my mind,why else would I buy these first three items without shame or remorse and then be so bold as to parade them in such a brazen fashion! I am having a little dalliance with kitsch,'granny chic',novelties,hideous it what you will.....I know its love,I've been here before-except where once I kept it a secret,this time I'm going public!! Devil-may-care,bold-as-brass-thats me,proud to be seen to be doing my bit for the misunderstood ornaments of this world,so I'm wondering now is this a shop I'm running or some bizarre sanctuary for abandoned china animals!!The newest inmates are surely the grandest yet,I mean golden Bambis-how very ostentatious,but these little dears are so very shy they have been hiding in Fine and Dandys 'kitsch corner' all day-I think they are a little embarrased by their appearance,I persuaded them to let me take a photo to show you all,(please don't laugh)!! So I will keep taking these foresaken creatures under my wing,hopefully re-homing a few along the way,all I ask is that next time you consider buying a china ornament-you remember that 'its for life and not just for kitschness'! As I said I think I am loosing my mind........... 

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

eye candy 3....

....some pictures I took around Fine and Dandy on Sunday. Those glorious tulips are from Mr M's allotment,every bloom has been different and they are giants,like something you would see proudly displayed by Bert in the village hall horticultural show!They have been much admired this week-so Mr M is under orders to plant more bulbs for next year-supply and demand!! Things are ticking along nicely 'int shop-tomorrow we are featured in the 'business section' of our local paper 'The Cornishman',accompanied by a much dreaded photograph-so hopefully more people will find us (though the photo might put them off!)! Today has been Boot day of course and I came away with a loaded trolley but not such a haul as the previous 2 weeks and I have to say some of the little souls I have brought home and bathed are really rather bordering on....oh I don't know...maybe the wrong side of kitsch!!Imagine if you can a gold Bambi planter with attatched can't can you-ok I will take some snaps tomorrow,but I warn you,you'll all want one!!
P.s-loved all your comments on my last post 'worlds end',but having just admitted to purchasing a gold Bambi thermometer I'm not so sure my opinion is warranted!  

Monday, 3 May 2010

worlds end!!!!!

....sorry,I mean Lands End of course!! At the risk of causing offence here,I have to say that this is possibly THE most joyless and inappropiate tourist attraction that my beloved Cornwall has to offer,infact when you are engulfed by its 'attractions' you could be anywhere in the country-were it not for the signs,and there are plenty of those! You feel like you are on a film set,the buildings appear to have been temporarily placed-they are so at odds with the beauty mother nature has bestowed on this toe of land dipping in the sea! The 'shopping village' is an evil emporium,peddling amongst other delights-London buses and pencil sketches of Michael Jackson! The cafe even manages to vulgarise the humble pasty and serves a cream tea that surely was once labelled 'display only! We visit once a year,for one reason only-I am ashamed to say,not for the views (that also turn their back on this blot on the landscape) ,as I hate heights (even more,I hate to see my children near the edge!!) so I keep well back-no,we go only for Georges pleasure,Lands End is also-randomly-home to a rather sketchy Doctor Who exhibition,complete with dodgy mannequins displaying 'actual' costumes from recent series! I was momentarily cheered by the site of the swoonsome David Tennant (who has that geek thing going on),ok not him but his stripy suit,which I noted was alarmingly small-skinny whippet! Anyway the little fella' loves it,so we grin and bare it,all its gore,the scary creatures in their ill fitting costumes,the dodgy sets with bits falling off and Im not talking about the Doctor Who exhibition here!