Wednesday, 5 May 2010

eye candy 3....

....some pictures I took around Fine and Dandy on Sunday. Those glorious tulips are from Mr M's allotment,every bloom has been different and they are giants,like something you would see proudly displayed by Bert in the village hall horticultural show!They have been much admired this week-so Mr M is under orders to plant more bulbs for next year-supply and demand!! Things are ticking along nicely 'int shop-tomorrow we are featured in the 'business section' of our local paper 'The Cornishman',accompanied by a much dreaded photograph-so hopefully more people will find us (though the photo might put them off!)! Today has been Boot day of course and I came away with a loaded trolley but not such a haul as the previous 2 weeks and I have to say some of the little souls I have brought home and bathed are really rather bordering on....oh I don't know...maybe the wrong side of kitsch!!Imagine if you can a gold Bambi planter with attatched can't can you-ok I will take some snaps tomorrow,but I warn you,you'll all want one!!
P.s-loved all your comments on my last post 'worlds end',but having just admitted to purchasing a gold Bambi thermometer I'm not so sure my opinion is warranted!  


  1. Lovely !! I just love happy colors !! :) The baby dolls are precious :)

  2. Hey Shevie, Mr. M certainly has a green thumb when it comes to tulips they are lovely and the colours go so nicely with your photos. Certainly is nice to have fresh flowers, specially those grown by someone you know. It adds a personal touch to things.
    Hope the article in the "Cornishman" brings in lots of new customers, I am sure the photos will be lovely.
    Had to laugh when I read the P.S., shall return to check out the gold Bambi planter!!

  3. Did you go and buy those other bambi's too? Bet you did! I did not find masses yesterday but did find a wonderful 50s ever so kitsch folding table. Will send photos of plaster girl, may not get round to it till Sunday as I am away again. Great to see you, did not need my bouncer husband after all!! Jane xx Your photos are lovely, good luck with the article.

  4. I love your photo's. I've been buying more and more 'kitsch' items, my poor husband despairs of me especially now the car boot sales have re-started!

  5. Hi Shevie, thanks for being my first follower, and for leading me to your gorgeous site. Love your blog and your shop looks beautiful! Will definitely have to pop by...


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