Sunday, 20 June 2010

words and pictures.... I go again,laptop perched on my knee (usual tabs open-flikr,facebook,blogger,ebay-sound familiar!),one eye on the TV (we are watching a film 'Employee of the Month' oh,its funny!),cat precariously balanced on my chest,as I try to drink my tea at its optimum temperature! Lunches to be packed,dishes to be washed,uniforms to be ironed,that Sunday night back to school feeling....instead of doing my 'homework',I am tapping at the keys.....avoidance! But now I am here,I find the words don't come as easy as they once did,maybe I am just tired,I can confess to feeling a little overwhelmed just now,but rather than abandon my blog altogether,if its ok I'll just keep my hand in with plenty of pictures and a scattering of words for good measure.Enough said.....
....on with show and tell....

A recent rescue from a pile of modern apparel dumped on the grass at the boot sale,this sweet little tu-tu

For my birthday!Just look what my friend Nikki found for me,its very beautiful and it was carried by a 1920s bride,who also wore this....
....gorgeous sash with an intricate pattern of pearls and sequins,it has little ruched panels to nip it at the side.How I'd love to see her bridal gown,I hope she was a happy bride. I have the sweetest friends....

....I spotted this mirror on a friends blog-Jane and the Happy Crow,it was love at first sight,so she kindly kept it for me and I bought it with my birthday money,its so delightful....
....a cute little cupie orphan from the boot sale,I have promised her a new frock

....a delicate tortoiseshell fan,liberated from my local charity shop.... for these ,they are so precious and my most cherished find at last weeks boot sale,the lady selling them told me they came off an antique doll she was renovating,those pompoms and the diddy hand crocheted socks are so darling! Just 50p,but I carried them away like they were gold dust!

....a finely embroidered lawn baby gown,a birthday present from my mama-freshly laundered and she made a hanger to display it on,using vintage crochet,I'm a lucky girl.
Ok,back to work....its Monday morning already!


  1. Hi there,

    I found you through flickr and have been favoriting away! Love your blog and all your wonderful finds at boot sales. I am supposing that is equivalent to garage sales here in the US? How is your story going? Love Love the pictures fo your adorable store.

    best wishes,

  2. Beautiful treasures and lovely birthday presents! : )
    Tamzin X

  3. What gorgeous finds! I love the little tutu.

  4. Hello, I followed your flickr photos to your blog... what a lovely little spot you have here! I love your photos of your home! Your style is so beautiful...xoxo Heather

  5. youve got some lovely finds! fliss xx

  6. I stopped by your blog today - lovely finds.
    Cozy In Texas

  7. Words flow just fine. We're all living crazy lives these days and trying to fit it all in, so completely understand. I go to bed each day thinking aargggh I forgot to do....

    Love the contrast of your taste Shevie from the kitsch brights to these subtle delicate finds. Hope the shop is going well and all the madness is worth it.

    Lisa x

  8. Oh what wonders!
    why do I want some cake now????

  9. Hi Shevie ... your old dolls are a real dream ... congratulations! A dear greeting *Maristella*.

  10. Ooooh.......your blog is a delicious accidental find which I shall return to often.
    I hope the shop is doing well as I shall be eager to visit if we manage to visit beautiful Marazion next year.
    Thank you for a wonderful evenings entertainment.

  11. tailors dummy looks so pretty!

  12. Hi Shevie, just thought i would pop in and say how delighted i was to meet you in your fab shop, i really loved it and and iwas most enviouse of you been surrounded by such pretties all the time, I have done a blog on my visit and hope you will drop by and have a look! i will drop in again and see you, and just want to say i felt like i had known you for ages!! love ,Linda x

  13. Hello! I just found you and I love your blog! Twyla

  14. Very happy to be able to drop back into blogs and see what you've been up to, Shevie. Giggled reading your description of multitasking with laptop, tabs, tea... ME COMPLETELY! How did you know! xx

  15. my goodness all your purchases are gorgeous, I saw the little dolly at the top of your blog and thought she is ssooooooo sweet, I didn't realise she was such a new find x


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