Monday, 30 November 2009

New shoes,blue shoes.....

.......... these are the most perfect shoes I have ever seen! My mama bought them when she was in her 20s and a shoe shop was closing down,me and my sister were but a twinkle in her eye,she just bought them because she loved them! They are Start-rite and as mama says,like the Royal children used to wear,I can just imagine them worn with white ankle socks and a woolen double breasted coat,with velvet peter-pan collar. The colour is a perfect powder blue,the shape and button fastenings are just like in the story books of their era,and inside,printed in gold is the Start-rite logo of two cutie-pies walking up a path,my mama says as a child she would look at that picture and worry about where the children were going all alone!Their box is tatty and faded { the best kind of boxes are} but inside the shoes shine out like new,their pale leather soles have never touched the ground. I remember them as a child being in the bottom drawer of my mamas chest in her room, nestled among many other treasures;a tiny rosebud doll with a hand knitted trosseau of the smallest stitches imaginable,the pale pink bodice of a tutu, exsquisitely embroidered in silver,from mamas days as a seamstress at the Royal Opera House,impossibly small ladies white kid leather gloves,fastened with baby pearl buttons, and most fascinating of all for a small child on a rainy day,a fox fur stole-complete with head,tail,legs and beady glass eyes-gruesome glamour, lined in silk satin! Now Mama is clearing out many such treasure troves,crammed into drawers,boxes and under the bed,and though,thankfully Mr Fox is long gone,the' Rolls Royce' shoes and other delights have come to live with me.The shoes will be set free from their box { the box will be filled! } and will sit so prettily in my bedroom,I have photographed them on my best Jane Clucas 'moon baby' still my beating heart!

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