Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Baking Day

Yesterday was mainly spent in my dinky kitchen,looking like a farmers wife,with my rosy cheeks and a floury pinny...........baking cakes, for a coffee morning at my mamas today, what a wonderful way to spend a cold,wet December afternoon.My love affair with cake making began back in the Spring,the coveting & eating of cake has been a lifelong,passionate romance!Even the word, cake,conjures up the most wonderful images & memories of childhood....butterfly buns,the pale yellow buttercream under their cake wings-hiding a dot of strawberry jam.....the understated perfection of a glossy red cherry,atop snowy white icing......a plump, eggy, sponge cake with a dusting of icing hall favourite,coffee & walnut.....all made by a loving hand & gone in an instant! My adoration is not confined to the homemade cake,I have a very special friend in Mr Kipling ,the Willy Wonka of the 'bought' variety......French Fancies are,in my opinion, his most perfect creation,the matt pink and lemon glace icing,the brown stripes,the sponge inside-dry and slightly salty,topped with a spot of synthetic cream,I am ashamed to say I shun their brown brothers,though my friend Emily likes these best......Angel Slices,a slice of heaven & my lads favourite......Mini Battenburgs,genius,though Lyons make the best big ones....these cakes were made to be shown on pretty cake stands and rosie teaplates,& always make a show at my childrens partys & even at afternoon tea on my wedding day!But of course you cannot match the smell of a homemade treat in a warm kitchen,I remember coming home from school to the cheery sight of a wire rack proudly displaying my mamas own buns,sure signs of a mothers love,or the seemingly endless wait for a bubbling jam tart to cool!Now it is my turn to be the hot,flustered mummy,creaming,whisking,folding,little people at my elbow,eagerly awaiting the bowl & spoon! Rolling out cool pastry and saving the trimmings for little hands to make into grey shapes! So the love of cake is passed down to my children and adoring children make for very proud mummys!

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