Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Pull up a chair........

.......its amazing what you find down by the beach! Imagine my surprise when I spotted this pair yesterday morning on my way to school! I could think of nothing else as I taxied the little people up the road & bundled them off into the classroom.....what if a fellow chair-fancier (or Kirsty Allsop!) had salvaged them in my absence or what if they had toddled off for a stroll on the sand,maybe a dog in need of convenience had lighted upon their spindly pins! I was delighted on my return to find the dear souls still there taking in the view......what to do? First a little kerb crawling,drive slowly past  & oggle......then,park up at a stones throw,so as not to look too,alight car & walk past with a casual air,look out to sea-to blend in with the tourists.....turn,glance furtively around the deserted car park & up at windows to check for twitching curtains....get out mobile phone,take a photo,take a seat,phone mama to ask advice......look around once more,grab a chair in each arm & head for home! Oh the thrill-& so early in the morning too! This is becoming a habit (remember the coathanger in an earlier post?) I can only guess at their story,I was even a little sad to remove them-they were so perfectly placed for bay-watching,all they needed was a tartan rug & a Thermos to complete the scene,then it struck me that maybe this was some 'installation art' that I was disturbing! Then I was taken with the idea that a row of  'chairs' of different designs would make a wonderful alternative to the park bench- imagining them in a higgledy-piggledy line in parks & on seafronts.....obviously they would need to be nailed down,just in case they went walkabout!

So they both went slowly down,
And walked about the town,
With a cheerful bumpy sound
As they toddled all around
And everybody cried
As they ran up to their side
''See,the table and the chair
Have come out to take the air!''

Edward Lear-The Table and the Chair.     


  1. What a lovely post! That's a lovely image, random chairs dotted around instead of benches - maybe with some pretty cushions?! We find 'treasure' on the beach all the time - I love it, especially because it's FREE!

  2. ....thankyou Kirsty! This morning I was hoping for a table-& yes,I did actually look-just incase! I was also expecting to be arrested....

  3. I'll have to tell my Detective Superintendent about you! (I reckon he'd have done just the same) xx


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