Monday, 22 February 2010

the call of the sea....

.......another day,bathed in that magic light which heralds the coming of Spring,except today also brought a wild sea which threatened to engulf our tiny island! Sitting safely cocooned in my car waiting for the 'water-bus' to ferry me home I watched the angry waves,which seemed so at odds with the sunshine-the wind catching the top of the white horses created an ethereal sea-spray & the rushing sound-just like that from a pink lined conch shell. I am all too aware of natures powers,after all I am surrounded by the sea for most of my day- I guess an island cut off from the mainland for 16 hours in every 24 is not the obvious choice of home for someone like me who is rather afraid of the sea! After a visit here as a small child,I had a recurring nightmare of the place-always the same dream,standing at the entrance to the island I watched,helpless-with those legs you get in dreams,the ones that won't work (& the voice with no sound!)-as a giant wave engulfed me,my mama,the whole island! Terrifying & doubtless,highly significant.....yet as a teenager I was drawn back to this lifesize sandcastle in the sea,to take a summer job in the restaurant-(resplendant in a sailor top & deck shoes,much to the dismay of my 15 yr old demi-goth self!).So for several years,college holidays would find me here-serving cream teas & ice creams to the hoardes,never imagining that I would meet my husband here & make it my home one day! Given the chance to live here,those childhood nightmares were put to bed,the lure of this magical place was too strong to resist,rooted as it was in my romantically inclined heart-the roaring waves,craggy rocks,howling winds & isolation,straight from the pages of a classic novel! But still,my fear of the ocean never leaves me & I must confront it on a daily basis,on a calm day of course I am in love with its sparkling,glassy beauty-but on an angry day like today,it sets my nerves tingling knowing I am at its mercy,bobbing along until the safe harbour is reached on the other side.So today,I sat & watched knowing that in order to reach the home I love-so near & yet so far,I must first face the enemy....& here I am,I lived to tell the tale & make another cup of tea with shaking hand & pounding heart,it was a bumpy ride,but I've had worse-much worse.
Now,on to tomorrow & the start of a new journey on unchartered seas-no matter,I have a compass & a trusty crew,through the storms I will reach my safe harbour eventually & so,in the morning I set sail with a hopeful ahoy!      


  1. Shevie what an evocative post about your little island.
    I remember my dad talking about the 'sea horses' as we walked along the beach on our annual holiday. Brought back some lovely memories.
    I have had disturbing dreams about the sea, tidal waves etc. but as I live inland I don't have to confront it on a daily basis. I have a deep respect for it and it's power.
    Had to smile reading about your summer job 'uniform'!
    Wishing you smooth sailing and a safe journey.

  2. Lovely post, thanks for the little glimpse into your life.

    You live on a beautiful island, no wonder you face your fears to live there, sounds like a great love affair.
    Semi-goth in sailor's outfit? wow ;)

    Hoping for some fair seas for you and a less traumatic journey home.

  3. ...oh dear the sea heard what I was saying,she sent some more big ones today...& a dear seal enjoying the ride!x


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