Sunday, 28 February 2010

setting sail....

.....well,I did it,I set off on my little journey on Tuesday-the rain poured,the wind huffed & puffed & the sea swelled,but I was not deterred from my mission.I knew it was a special day,a day I will always remember!So now I have started out on my chosen path,I shall happily reveal my destination.... 
....yes dear reader,here it is my hearts desire-a shop! My shop....mine,which means that I,yes me...I will be a shopkeeper!I will stand behind a counter,I will wrap things in tissue & put them in bags,I will stand on my doorstep & look up & down the street with my arms crossed-like you do when you have a shop....
.....just like Arkwright in 'Open All Hours',except my partner in crime will not be G-G-G-Granville it will my mama! This dear little unloved shop is in Marazion,a town which is just over the sea from the small island where I live-I pass it several times every day & have done for years-on several occasions since it was empty,pressing my nose against the glass & doing some 'shopgirl' fantasising! It is in a lovely spot,set back from the main square on the end of a row of rather splendid 4 storey town houses-next door is very posh,with splendid  pillars-we are a little shabby just now but some fresh paint & a shiny new door will soon help us to fit in! The building is over 200 years old,the landlord tells us back then it was a coach house & possibly a house of ill repute-fabulous-our little bit at the front would have been the bar I guess,in more recent times it was an estate agents & before that a denture makers! Inside we decided it was worth doing a proper job of things,so we ripped down the bobbly wallpaper with glee & Mr M ripped out a very dodgy sink which was lurking in an arched alcove,we also tore up the dusty carpet & of course made things look even worse! But after making a flying start,full of enthusiasm,things are looking much better already...
....this wall is in for a little treat,it is getting some Cath Kidston wallpaper-just 2 rolls,at that price!I have spent some time there painting today & I feel so at home,it is so sunny & you can hear the birds in next doors garden-you can also hear the old boys TV upstairs,football...loud football!This space has been waiting for me all these years & I didn't know it-how could I,yet it now makes up the third point of a triangle of some places in the town which have made up my history...I am always fascinated that four walls can mean so much,some places we will never enter & some we will spend many hours within.I will no doubt spend many hours looking out of this...

....ok,I have already spent a little time looking out of it,seeing the same faces passing by,several times a day some of them,nearby is the Post Office,corner shop,chemist & bakers (with pasties!)-also 2 pubs,so there is lots of spying to be done,I am already on waving terms with some of the locals!I also have several dear friends very nearby,so it really is the perfect spot-oh & how could I forget,the charity shop is a stones throw away,if I can just get there before my friend Louisa who is a regular!This promises to be a very happy chapter in my life,it all seems so right,I will try not to bore you with shop talk-but I will keep you up to date,we hope to open at Easter...for now,I am so very tired that I must to bed & dream some more of my pretty little shop,you see dreams do come true-sometimes...
....'you gotta have a dream,if you don't have a dream,how ya' gonna have a dream come true' (Happy Talk-Captain Sensible)! ....night night.x


  1. Yippee, yahoo, let me be the very first to congratulate you Shevie, I am sooooo excited for you. It all sounds wonderful and looks great too.
    I'm sure your head must be spinning with plans for it and now all your shopgirl dreams are going to come true.
    Congrats to you and your talented mama.
    Can't wait to see what delightful things you will fill it with.
    Shall look forward to many more posts about your newest adventure. All the very best for the future.

    Claire X

  2. thankyou Claire-yes,I am in one heck of a shopgirl whirl!x

  3. Cooo, that's fantastic news, I'm so thrilled for you! You've certainly got a good starting point, that bay window and the archway are great! Looking forward to seeing more of your dream - and I'll definitely pop by if I'm ever down that way - I think I recognise that road! Good luck with everything.x

  4. It looks fantastic!! I can totally see it with a fresh leak of paint on the lovely bay window and a new front door! So pleased for you, and can't wait to see more, including your wallpaper!

  5. What a fabulous dream to have and it looks like a magical place to be. Congratulations. I can't wait to see how your shop looks when it's finished and what you're going to sell.

    Lisa x

  6. How wonderful, your post reminds me of a chapter in Milly-molly-Mandy, when she runs mrs Muggins shop for an hour and counts out penny sweets and wraps trim in brown paper etc sighhhhhh

  7. oh,thankou girls for sharing in my delight,I am a little misty eyed...!x


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