Saturday, 10 April 2010

snap happy....

...before being enticed into the realms of Blog and flickr,I had never really taken photos of my home and the treasues therein,after a while I guess we stop seeing the 'things' that surround us and take them for granted.Its not that we love them any the less,its just that we see them every day and forget that little thrill we felt when first we set eyes upon them and coveted them for our very own! Maybe the same could be said for the special people we surround ourselves with too,familiarity makes us a little complacent,then perhaps something happens that makes us remember.I never forget that I am blessed with a life that makes me very happy and I love my family and friends beyond words,never more so than at the moment when I feel their comforting embrace so keenly. The past few weeks have as predicted been an uphill climb with some very stony ground and the arduous journey has taken its toll,mentally and physically-I could not have carried my load without their help and encouagement.When you want something special and you work hard to get it,you treasure it all the more,so the shop will be all the more precious for being a true labour of love.We are so nearly at journeys end,sunshine is around the corner calling us onwards!
Last week our computer hardrive crashed,taking many precious photos with it,two years of happy pictures and memories-gone in a flash-devastating,I had always meant to back them up,but never quite got around to it,it would have only taken a minute.I cannot replace them,but I have plenty more memories in my heart and my head and room for many more.For now I knew what I must do and so I picked up my camera and set about taking photos of my home and family and falling in love all over again....   


  1. Amen to that, I don't know what I'd do without my family. Glad to hear that you're nearly there with the shop! Looking forward to visiting x

  2. lovely blog...thanks for stopping at Maggie and Sparrow! that bird tin is stunning, what a shame you lost your pictures as you say at least you get to enjoy them all over again.


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