Tuesday, 20 April 2010

virtual shop tour.....

....well I made it,I am now a shopkeeper-a dream come true! It has been a mad couple of months making this special journey,but I can well and truly say that it has been worth the uphill climb and I now have a shop to share with my family and friends and it already feels like home! Last week is now a blur,Saturday night and Sunday morning felt like an episode of 60minute makeover,dashing about like a headless chicken and true to form I was I finished just minutes before the deadline,still making price tags at 1.45 when the grande opening was at 2pm! The sun shone in through the window all day long and we all enjoyed a selection of Mr Kiplings finest and prettiest offerings, and with so many special people around us it felt like our wedding day all over again,a delightful and memorable day that warmed my heart and killed my feet! When Monday morning came around I couldn't believe I was going to 'work' for the first time in 5 years-but of course it doesn't feel like that at the moment-this is the honeymoon period I know-I am surrounded by lovely treasures, treasured friends pop by for a chat and I am a very proud parent when customers admire my cute new baby! Today was my second day at the office,spent tweeking and fiddling,with a little bit of selling and a lot of nattering,tomorrow is my day off-its boot day-so my mama is shopgirl for the day,Im sure she will undertake to chat on my behalf! For now,less of the chat lets get on with the tour,no more words,just pictures-hop to my flikr page later if you fancy a more detailed guide to the Fine and Dandy lovely to see you any time!
I will start from the door and do a full sweep!

....hope you enjoyed your visit-opening hours are 11-5.30 Monday-Friday,closed Saturday,11.30-5.30 on a Sunday,
our address is;
Fine and Dandy
Melville House
Tel:01736 710611


  1. Oh it all looks so pretty - no wonder you're proud! You did good!

  2. Wow it's GORGEOUS!!! well done you and your family, you've done a great job!
    I've just clicked quickly through all your photos (you know like you do when you see some eye candy, before you go back to look in details ;)

  3. Wow wow wow I love it, especially the painted signs - did you make them? They are fab. Do you have a website for the shop?
    SOrry lots of questions! xx

  4. It looks fab, love the floor, is it painted concrete or a lino?? love the lamp shade too, will definitely pop down in the summer (combined with a trip to ck's in st yves, perfect!!), time to invite Country Living over!! Any chance of opening saturdays in the summer?? perhaps half days??? :)) good luck!! Francoise

  5. Oh Shevie, it all looks delicious, like a plate of beautifully iced cupcakes, yummy!!
    Congratulations all the hard work has paid off.
    I spied some rather fetching tea cosies on the shelf.
    Shall sit down with a cuppa later and take time to have a really good look at all the lovely photos.

    Claire X

  6. Hi, just found your blog and I'm loving it. Wow that shop is gorgeous and if I didn't live at the other end of the country(well nearly!) I'd be a regular customer. I'm going to make a cuppa and read through your older posts right now,if you have a minute do pop over and visit me, the kettles on...Lucey xx

  7. Wow!
    It is gorgeous and you are living my dream :0) Enjoy and I wish you every success, *sigh* wish I lived closer ;0)


  8. Well done, it looks amazing.
    Hope you don't mind but I've messaged you on facebook.
    Would love to send you some of my handpainted pegs.
    i found you via the fabulous Mary popins, she tweeted you're lovely shop.
    Congratulations on a wonderful shop x
    Speak soon.
    Catherine x

  9. CONGRATULATIONS it looks sssoooooooo good. I want to come shopping, I will have to try and pop by this summer, we are always in devon so I think a trip a little further a field is in order. Are you OK if i put some of your beautiful pictures on my blog, with a link to your shop ?

  10. It looks wonderful. Oh I wish I had a shop! I will definitely come and visit next time I am in Cornwall. Bet you've been to Rosudgeon today! My mum goes every week then rings me to tell me what she's found me!
    Ruth x

  11. ....oh thankyou all for the love-you are sweet! Promise to pop by and answer some ?s very soon!x

  12. Congratulations your shop looks wonderful. Just the kind of place that I would love to browse around and buy some goodies.
    Bertie x

  13. oh wow, looks great, i only live in St. Ives, shall be popping in to visit !!!! x x

  14. Your shop looks totally wonderful - you should be very proud! Wishing you every success and sending good luck hugs - will look you up when I visit Cornwall next! xx

  15. Your shop looks I wish I could spend an hour thee! Do you also have an online shop? Have fun with your new venture!


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