Wednesday, 14 April 2010

wood you believe it....

....its happened again (see here for an older post) is Wednesday,which means it's the very best day of the week (from April-October that is!),Wednesday is car boot day here. Todays was only the 2nd one of the year,Tonsilitis prevented me from cruising the aisles at the 1st meet of the year,I lay in my bed that day imaging all those little lost souls waiting for me to save them from the grassy blankets & wonky tressle tables & I shed a tear! Waking on a Wednesday is all about the weather,with the added pressure today of 2 mini-booters,keen as mustard to rifle through the piles of plastic-dreary,overcast-perfect! So much treasure to be had today and at give away prices (I have been known to give more than the asking price,if its too low- just to make the little lost souls feel more worthy,well I mean-2p-thats just an insult to any old china,'aint it!).Todays haul was almost all ceramic,6 jugs,2 vases,bird cruets,50s childs mug,2 Coronation mugs-also 40s sewing book,splendid buttons from a lady who was selling her vast collection 'Do you like buttons',she asked...'oh,I have lots more at home...& I founded a button society in London'....I was fit to follow her home!...ooh I just remembered 2 more bits of china-the most gorgeous 50s wall pocket with a kitsch blue lamb on it & a shell dish for my seaglass....a rosie enamel bowl....cuddly toy,teasmaid....ok,not the last 2! I will show you,but all the goods are still nestled in my shopping trolley & in desperate need of a wash! Thats the best bit,unpacking all the treasures you had forgotten about-the worst bit,the odd occasion when you get home only to find that your treasure has turned into tatty old junk-or worse maybe,that you left something behind! Oh yes,the hanger.....mama had a stall today & was all packed up ready to go home,I popped back to pick up my spoils when what should I spot lying all folorn on the deserted field but this little dear,surely a relative of the Wimpy 'found' hanger....I've said it before,but,you could'nt write it!!   


  1. Sounds like you did well today!
    Looking forward to seeing all your goodies

  2. Your shop looks AMAZING. Seriously, just peeped through the window and saw the wallpaper and just thought.. I could be spending lots of money in there!! x


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